Migrant populations are a growing reality in European society today. While immigration history in some European countries is relatively recent, migration is not a new phenomenon for Europe and migrants have always made a major contribution to the economic development of the European Union and to the cultural diversity that characterizes European society today. The ageing of the European population indicates that net migration flows into Europe will continue apace for many years to come. Successful integration of these migrant communities into civic and political life is essential if a cohesive and inclusive society in Europe is to be achieved.

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The main objective of ADMIRE is the design, testing and implementation of a new bespoke Migrant Integration Expert Curriculum and digital tools for those working in adult and community education settings and existing migrant support staff to address key gaps that impact new immigrants: lack of knowledge on the political system of their host country, network gap between immigrant communities and local communities, political socialization and voter motivation.

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