The main objective of ADMIRE is the design, testing and implementation of a new bespoke Migrant Integration Expert Curriculum and digital tools for those working in adult and community education settings and existing migrant support staff to address key gaps that impact new immigrants: lack of knowledge on the political system of their host country, network gap between immigrant communities and local communities, political socialization and voter motivation.

The Migrant Integration Expert curriculum will ensure that adult education professionals working in this sector have the necessary skills to promote empowerment, participation and active citizenship of all migrant community members supporting enhanced social inclusion which is central to the EU policy agenda.

ADMIRE will develop the following:

  • A Migrant Integration Expert Curriculum for adult educators, migrant support workers and members of migrant communities
  • A digital Toolbox with Migrant Integration Resources
  • An Induction Training Course for adult educators
  • An online Observatory of Political Systems in Cyprus, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy and Spain.
  • A scientific paper with recommendations from the project’s outcomes.

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