Migrant populations are a growing reality in European society today. While immigration history in some European countries is relatively recent, migration is not a new phenomenon for Europe and migrants have always made a major contribution to the economic development of the European Union and to the cultural diversity that characterizes European society today. The ageing of the European population indicates that net migration flows into Europe will continue apace for many years to come. Successful integration of these migrant communities into civic and political life is essential if a cohesive and inclusive society in Europe is to be achieved.

ADMIRE recognises the need for a new approach to migrant integration efforts. Central to this new approach is the provision of bespoke training to develop the competences of adult education staff working in this area to become migrant integration experts. To achieve this the project will design, test and implement a new continuous professional development training course for adult education staff and members of migrant communities, the “Migrant Integration Expert Curriculum”. This will be accompanied by an Induction Training Programme for adult educators, a Digital Toolbox with useful resources for migrants’ civic, political and social engagement and an e-Observatory of Political Systems in six European countries.

ADMIRE is an Erasmus+ project coordinated by the University of Peloponnese in Greece, with the collaboration of five other partners from Cyprus, France, Ireland, Italy and Spain. It is implemented from October 2017 to September 2019.

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